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It's Miller Time!

December 4, 2007

The etching about the Beauty Salon is finished. I have decided to title it "It's Miller Time". I usually have a title for an etching or litho just crop up out of the blue and that was what happened this time-- Maggie and I went to Baker's Square about a week ago for lunch-- I saw this huge truck stopping for a stop light outside the window-- I read this message and thought right off-- There's the title for my print. I show a commuter train going past a parking lot out the window of the salon. a woman is having her hair blown dry-- perhaps her husband is just now arriving via the train and he has a thought of having a beer when he gets home. We have lived in Wheaton two and a half years now. It is a commuter city and in may ways our lives here are very different than they were in DeKalb.


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